WOD: Workout Of the Day

LifeWOD: Workout of the Day for the physical, mental, emotional/social and spiritual areas of your life.

Welcome to LifeWOD!  LifeWOD was, in part, created and inspired from the Workout of the Day (WOD) posting by Crossfit.com and the challenge to "become comfortable with the uncomfortable".  We feel the same concepts that apply to Crossfit apply to life as a whole; the sooner we become comfortable with the uncomfortable, the better life becomes and the more enjoyable it is.  Crossfit challenges individuals physically by challenging the strengths and weaknesses of participants to attempt some of the most difficult physical task in life.  The results of those who partake in the WODs are above average, well rounded physical human beings.  Here at LifeWOD, we want to do the apply these concepts to all areas of your life by challenging your strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of your life. 

Every day there is an external link directing you to the WOD or an example of one.  Feel free to email us with any ideas, comments, questions, etc.  We wish you the best in life and hope that some of the challenges here at LifeWOD help make life more enjoyable and meaningful for you!